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About us

Helping you digitize information, eliminate paper-based transactions, and engage in environmental conservation.

Go Paperless

We strive to save the planet, one organization at a time.

Infobuilder Technologies, Inc. is a leading enterprise content management solutions provider in the Philippines. We aim to help companies digitize their information and contribute to the conservation of trees worldwide by helping them migrate to the cloud, get rid of paper, create end-to-end processes, and master the art of modern work. 

All our technology solutions are rooted in a single ambition: to drive organizations toward a paperless, more sustainable future.



We are the ultimate go-to of enterprises when managing their content – from creation, storage, utilization, down to disposal. Whatever industry you are in, expect us to lead the way in unlocking the value of your data!

ECM provider

Infobuilder is the longest-running ECM solutions provider in the country, with its inception dating back to 2004. Now, we stand as one of the Top 25 DMS providers in the Asia Pacific.


We have experience working with a wide range of sectors, such as banks, education, insurance, and more. Among our top clients include two of the largest banks and the biggest media company in the Philippines.

with a vision

At Infobuilder, we build technologies toward a greener legacy. Everything we do is designed to help businesses elimite their paper-based reliance and become a force for environmental progress. 


Eliminate paper-based processes
We scan all forms of documents, upload them to the cloud, and implement intelligent information tagging to help end users access, retrieve, and work on the content they need.
Ensure compliance and security
Our document management system allows customizable permissions to data access and automates the purging of documents based on set retention rules for easier regulation compliance.
Digitize statement distribution
Our billing software makes the whole billing process a breeze. Set-up when to bill and whom to bill, obtain real-time reports on payment, and automate reminders to keep your clients on top of their bills.
Embrace the new era of work
Master the art of modern work through document indexing tools and archiving solutions. We also help clients embrace shifting work models by introducing them to Bitrix24, an online workspace platform.
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Blog Articles

We have a lot of stories to tell. Explore the world of document management systems and discover what we do by checking out our blogs and articles.

Bitrix24 as a CRM Tools: How to Effectively Track Leads and Deals

Bitrix24 as a CRM Tools: How to Effectively Track Leads and Deals

Bitrix24 as a CRM Tools: How to Effectively Track Leads and Deals

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