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Bitrix24 as a CRM Tool: How to Effectively Track Leads and Deals

The pandemic has dramatically redefined our concept of social interaction and intimacy. Such changes, of course, extended even to customer relationships. As a new form of reality kicks in, here’s how Bitrix24 can help organizations stay on top of their leads and deals.

How to Improve and Track Team Productivity using Bitrix24

Still figuring out how to keep track of your team’s performance at work? Merely relying on free tools such as Excel could prove to be more laborious. Conducting daily meetings merely adds up to everyone’s already lengthy tasks. With Bitrix24, you can now gain visibility into everyone’s performance and output with just a few clicks without leaving the platform. Find out how you can take advantage of this modern tool with our brief guide.

How to Use Bitrix24 for Project Tracking

Keeping a bird’s-eye view over your team’s progress proves to be difficult in a remote setting. But with modern technology tools such as Bitrix, anyone in the team can now easily stay on top of their targets and deadlines. Here’s how Infobuilder uses Bitrix24 for project tracking.

Migrating to Bitrix24: How ITI Employees Fit into the Evolving Work Set Up

Infobuilder has now officially migrated to the Bitrix24 environment. Here’s how our first few months with the platform went, and what we’re expecting ahead!

What is the Difference Between Scanning and Digitizing?

Going paperless? As you move from paper to digital, you’re likely to encounter the words “scanning” and “digitizing.” But before you fall into the common pitfall of lumping these two terms together, here’s a brief guide to help you discover how they differ. Read on.

Beyond the Screens: What This Year’s F2F Team Building Taught Us So Far

A lot has changed since the coronavirus pandemic sent all of us back home. Before we know it, the habit of turning to our deskmates for help turned into email queries, the spontaneous catch-ups in the pantry evolved into random social calls, and the witty office banters found their ways into the online group chats….

A Look into ITI’s First F2F Team Building Outing Since the Pandemic

Two years into the pandemic, ITI members were once again brought together through this year’s face-to-face Team Building Outing. It was the first physical interaction between staff members since the crisis pushed the sector further into the digital realm in 2020….

How Long Should You Keep Your Documents? A Guide to PH Records Retention Periods

For how long should a business retain these records? Below is a roundup of the key policies surrounding records retention here in the Philippines. Read on.

Where to Put Your Documents After Scanning?

The records management process doesn’t end with sending your documents off for scanning. After making your records digitally available, a new question arises: Where should you put those piles of physical records thereafter? 

9 Benefits of Scanning Your Documents

Still on the fence about going paperless? Why wait any longer when your business can reap a host of benefits? The following are the top reasons to scan your documents:

Year in Review: Highlights of our 2021

As 2021 draws to a close and all of us are hopefully having the time to rest and spend time with our families, we thought that it’s a great time to look back at what has been an eventful 12 months for ys. The year 2020 saw tremendous change—not only because of the pandemic, but because it has now been almost two years and ….

4 Things That We’re Thankful For This Year

There is no contention that life has been hard for all of us since COVID-19 spread throughout the world. Each one of us, no matter where we are and our background is, life has never been the same as we try to navigate life during these times. But it is only when it’s the darkness, do we see the shining lights all around us. We can see how ….

10 Key Features to Look for the Best Document Management System

Once you have chosen to go paperless, figuring out what DMS to have is the next step. But what do you really need to look for in a Document Management Software? To help you, we listed some of the things you should consider:

7 Good Reasons for Having the Best Document Management System

As the world shifts toward digital solutions, having a Document management (DM) software is critical to effectively running a business as it encompasses a wide range of features and functionalities that can really help streamline processes. A lot of businesses are aiming to go paperless and are looking for the right tool to ….

Coffee x ITI: A Look Into One Of Our Most Essential Work Requirement

With an overwhelming 90% of employees who drink coffee, it’s safe to say that almost everyone at Infobuilder needs it for work. Yes, this also means that there are literally only a handful of us who don’t drink coffee. This requirement didn’t fade with the changing times brought about by ….

The Key Difference Between Data Backup and Data Archiving

Backup vs archive. Two words that are often used interchangeably but have very different meanings. It’s important to understand the difference between them to ensure that your data storage methodology meets your needs in a number of key areas:

How We Secure Both Physical and Online Documents in the Scanning Process

Your documents contain confidential information. This is why Infobuilder ensures the security of your documents every step of the way. Our people have passed the integrity assessments and background checks, they have the proper training, and our management ensures adherence to security …

ITI x Pets: How Our Furbabbies are Making the Lockdowns Bearable

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s been an unprecedented increase in animal adoptions and purchases, as people seek animal companionship to tackle feelings of isolation and anxiety. And across …

The True Cost of Document Scanning

Contrary to common belief that scanning is an easy task and that it would take minimal effort and cost, it requires multiple steps and components. In reality, it involves more than feeding documents in a scanner. 

The gift of family time, the bright side of pandemic

A project director mom, a system administrator dad, and the most adorable 6 years old daughter trying to navigate parenting, work, education, family time, and their day-to-day lives ….

Document Management System Philippines

The Image of Success:
Finding Growth Opportunities Through Adversities

For the two and a half hours that had been the interview for this article, Maria Theresa Loveria described, retold, and in some occasions, even directly pointed out her love for Infobuilder and the work ….

Document Management System Philippines

Getting Creative with Hiring During Coronavirus Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic last year, employment rates around the globe have declined. On the other side of the coin, resignation rates have also plummeted. Workers….

Document Management System Philippines

Working from home in the province: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Connect With Loved Ones

From the honks and beeps of EDSA to the crows of a rooster in the morning, from the substandard dishes that you cooked yourself to your mom’s home cooked meal, from the reliable internet connection to the “sorry you’re on mute”…

Document Management System Philippines

Moving to a Resilient Future Through a Robust BCP

There are a number of ways in which your business can be disrupted. Fire, cyberattack, a natural disaster, and most recently, coronavirus (COVID-19). In varying degrees, their implications for business continuity only lead…

Document Management System Philippines

Onboarding and Recruitment in a Pandemic from 3 Perspectives

Since the coronavirus pandemic has caused major disruptions to the nation’s workforce, only three industries are fortunate enough to not only retain all their current employees, but even increase their hiring efforts to…

Document Management System Philippines

How Infobuilder’s HR Put Normal in The New Normal

No matter what walk of life you come from, the pandemic has been hard on all of us. But to the people who not only need to worry about themselves but everyone else in the company, it is undeniably a burden…

Document Management System Philippines

Meet Infobuilder’s “Frontliner”

We’re all aware of the heroic task of our frontliners who are brave enough to risk their lives. As one of the companies fortunate enough to still continue operations during this time of uncertainty, Infobuilder salutes…





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