Are you looking for a secure way to manage your bills online?

Protecting your business from hackers, malwares, spywares are not the only viruses that you worry about. Securing your business and your safety has never been more paramount.

Keep transactions going with KARTERO

Fortunately, gone are the days where you have to physically go to each of your clients just to send their bills. You don’t even have to do it manually. In just a click, you can send professional looking bills directly to your clients. You can automatically send them by email as a PDF attachment.

Innovate through Paperless Billing

Automating your billing process means that you never have to deal with paper again. To top it all off, your business can save a lot on costs, while helping out the environment.

Monitor your business easily
with Usage History

Keep track of every document that is sent out to your clients. Have all the information such as date, time, usage history etc. instantly cataloged. The system will record everything.

Simplify your processes with Effortless Billing

Easily deliver the bills every month to the right clients anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It gets better, your clients can view and instantly see their bills electronically.

Never have to worry about
the security of your data

Sending out your bills has never been more secure— lost, misplaced and damaged bills will now become a thing of the past. You and your clients can sleep better knowing that unauthorized people can’t have access to any of your confidential information.

Automate More, Pay Less

With the pandemic still ongoing, financial resources are allocated even more sensibly these days. We made Kartero affordable for you and your business. Have all of these features and more for a price that won’t hurt your business.

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