FinESS for SharePoint

Financial Electronic Storage System

Finess - Online Billing Statement and Distribution
FinESS - Financial Electronic Storage System

File decluttering that’s easy on your time and budget – FinESS is a document management and archiving solution that enables your finance team to comply with regulatory requirements through proper document retention and retrieval. Because it is cloud-based, you can start using it on Day 1.



document management and archiving solution - Reduced Physical Storage

Reduced Physical Storage

By keeping financial documents older than 5 years in the cloud, remain compliant with BIR’s 10-year retention period requirement and at the same time eliminate the space being taken up by physical documents.

document management and archiving solution - Highest Quality of Documents

Highest Quality of Documents

While in a digital form, the images of your documents will not degrade and remain readable for future reference.

document management and archiving solution - Secured Documents

Secured Documents

Leverage on Microsoft Sharepoint 365’s encryption, access controls, and other security features.

document management and archiving solution - Painless Audits

Painless Audits

With all your documents in digital form, easily search and retrieve documents during an audit. Reduce the cost of an army of assistants swimming through an ocean of physical documents.


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