Document Indexing Tool (DIT)

Document Indexing Tool

Are you having trouble organizing your data?

Since half of the population (quite literally) is now living online, the need to automate has been more prominent than ever. However, there is an overwhelming amount of documents to digitally capture, organize, index, etc. Understandably so, since these are years of years worth of data contained in boxes of documents waiting to be digitized.

Get organized without lifting a finger

Infobuilder’s Document Indexing Tool or DIT is a versatile digital transformation tool that makes filing and retrieving your documents quick and simple once documents are transformed digitally. DIT helps you create data about data so that your digital documents can be filed automatically. Then, be retrieved efficiently and in the fastest time possible.

Document Indexing Tool - Smart Indexing

We can customize based on your business process needs

You can choose what kind of indexing fields and values to categorize and store your documents depending on your specific requirements and industry. Instead of drilling down through folder after folder, you can simply do an index search to find files by their search keys.

We ensure that you will never lose a file again

To make filing and retrieving your documents as quick and simple as possible, Document Indexing Tool (DIT) indexes them with metadata. The indexing information is used to automatically file your documents and then retrieve them instantly from anywhere.

Documentum for Legal - Optical Character Reading OCR

We help you rise above your competitors

Document Indexing Tool (DIT)’s OCR Integration uses pre-defined business rules and an expansive library of keywords, word associations, and syntax structure to perform content analysis and auto-classification of documents.

We secure your data

Protect your data without compromising accessibility. The moment your document is placed in the system, it will be stored securely where only qualified and allowed persons can have access to each document.

Documentum for Legal - Document Security

Take your business to the next level

With Infobuilder’s DIT, you can convert high volumes of documents into actionable data for use in vital business processes and applications. You can be sure that all your content will be easy to find and manage to take your business a few steps further than competitors.


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