Easily handle complex indexing rules and tasks with Infobuilder’s Document Indexing Tool (DIT). DIT will facilitate faster information processing, reduce errors, and deliver accurate information for processing in the backend system. All while ensuring the security of the data being uploaded to your Documentum document management system.


Intuitive Interface

The system’s simple and intuitive interface allows business users the freedom and independence to set up indexing rules and workflows with ease.

Secured Document Handling

Avoid the vulnerability of having physical, unencrypted information lying around on desks or in filing cabinets. A web-based indexing facility is secured through user profiles and logs.

Document Encryption

Encryption maintains the security of documents even while at rest – they cannot be accessed outside of the Documentum platform.

Smart Indexing

Auto-fill fields based on input from preceding fields or external databases. Enable rich validation rules and dropdown functionalities. Smart indexing allows users to work faster and smarter.

Maker-Checker Roles

Verify entries before committing them to databases by enabling a checker role – adding an extra layer of security and accuracy.

D2 Integration

Upload document packages directly to D2 and automatically trigger document processing based on a workflow.

Auto-filing, Auto-naming, Auto-relating

No need to manually find a folder in a sinuous tree of folders when filing away or retrieving documents. Through predefined rules, send documents to the right folder, assign file names based on indexes, and set up relationships between documents so you can retrieve related documents faster.

Multiple File Formats

Manage a wide range of formats including PDF, images, Microsoft, and CAD files.


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