D2 for Legal - Document Management System
Documentum for Legal

We understand that time is essential for Legal Researchers. Thus, we tailored a Document Management System (DMS) specifically designed for law firms. Easy to classify and tag, quick to search documents and conveniently relate other documents that are matter-related. D2 for Legal ensures your compliance to data privacy act by ensuring all documents are protected in accordance with the law. Let us help you bring the much-needed law and order to the lawless world of your local file servers, network drives and individual computers with D2 for Legal.


Documentum for Legal - Guided Search

Guided Search

We mean serious business when we say advanced. Instead of a simple full-text search, we could expand your search experience. With a simple keyword, you could easily access every related document with similar categories and classifications.

Documentum for Legal - Document Relation

Document Relation

Let D2 for Legal organize your documents for you. Automatically, every incoming document will be classified with existing documents that they are related to in categories such as location, case type, judge, lawyer. Now, you don’t have to spend so much time manually organizing them.

Documentum for Legal - Document Security

Document Security

There are only a few things that are as important as security for your firm. With that, we particularly designed D2 for Legal to protect your data without compromising accessibility. The moment your document is placed in the system, it will be stored securely and in compliance with the Data Privacy Law. Only qualified and allowed persons are allowed access to each document. You will also have user-profiles and logs to keep track of who accessed every file. This way, you can sleep at night without worrying about intrusions, invasion of privacy, etc.

Documentum for Legal - Shared Document Access

Shared Document Access

Send any necessary documents to external parties and clients with ease and without worrying about security breach through passwords and enabling access to specific individuals.

Documentum for Legal - Transmittal History

Transmittal History

Keep track of every document that is transmitted to external parties. Have all the information such as date, time, etc. instantly cataloged. Whether to and from external clients or internal users, the system will record everything for you through automatic logins.

Documentum for Legal - Comment History

Comment History

Add notes and comments that are not part of the context of the document but probably about how the document came to be. This can be a note of a document source, a story how the document was delivered, or probably story of how a document evidence came to be. All these notes a re tracked an historized in the system as future reference.

Documentum for Legal - Version Management

Version Management

Have the ability to visually track changes from one version to another in 3 different ways—side by side comparison, overlap comparison and highlight comparison. All of this and more in just a few clicks.

Documentum for Legal - Tool Indexing

Tool Indexing

Say goodbye to the days where you have to manually organize tens and even hundreds of documents one by one when storing and filing them away. Let D2 for Legal do the menial work for you. Whether physical or digital, all your data will be sent to the right folder, be assigned file names based on indexes, and be categorized based on their matter, through customized predefined rules that we will help you set up.

Documentum for Legal - Alert Responder

Alert Responder

Never miss anything critical. Every incoming document that needs an urgent response would automatically come with a notification to the person responsible.

Documentum for Legal - Review and Approve Workflow

Review and Approve Workflow

To meticulously track progress and ensure that you’re always on time, D2 for Legal would immediately alert the responsible reviewers and/or approvers whenever a legal document has been submitted for review and/or approval. You can even customize the alerts depending on your workflow, whether in succession or parallel.

Documentum for Legal - Configurable Workspace

Configurable Workspace

Everyone works differently. The same way you can personalize your office or desk, you can also do so in your digital workspace. Easily customize your D2 for Legal screen to anything that you want and need it to be, so you can work the way you want to.

Documentum for Legal - Annotations


In a very collaborative environment, being able to discuss in your own time is important. Be able to effortlessly give remarks on any document context without changing or damaging the original copy of the document.

Documentum for Legal - Optical Character Reading OCR

Optical Character Reading

Convert scanned documents or image-based PDF files to text-enabled, searchable documents. With OCR your document content become instantly searchable. Imagine the convenience and power that this can give your legal researcher.


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