COMPLEO - Document Compliance Solution
Compleo - Document Compliance Solution

Compleo is a web portal that facilitates online document submission and processing – whether for license, permit, claim, loan, or any other application that requires document routing for review and approval. It paves the way for the digitalization of your entire document and content management lifecycle – starting with content creation with Compleo.

Don’t let long lines, paper forms, and manual submissions deteriorate your customer’s experience. Compleo enables faster and more accurate processing times, resulting in a faster and more desirable speed of business.

Trusted in various industries, COMPLEO is a web portal that covers your transactions securely, safely, and efficiently while preserving integrity and compliance of data and information. To know more about it, watch our overview video above.

Specifically designed to help your HR, COMPLEOforHR will make your life as easy as possible with its features such as security, compliance, retention policy, role-based permissions, etc. Click the video above to know more about this product.


COMPLEO - Form Builder

Form Builder

Customize forms according to the needs of your business process – no programming required. Your form builder includes a responsive UI, rich validation rules, tool tips, dynamic themes, CAPTCHA integration, and document attachments, so that proper information capture is never tedious or a burden.

Compleo - Dynamic Attachment

Dynamic Attachments

Based on customer response inputted in the form fields, automatically ask for the appropriate attachment. Without manual intervention, assure that your customers get it right the first time.

Integrate with Documentum

Integrate with Documentum/D2

Push customer submissions to the right D2 workflow for processing. Increase your service level with quick customer approvals and free up your team to handle a higher volume of business.

Compleo - Download Forms

Download Form

Have your customers accomplish the latest form online, and take it offline for notarization. Simply upload the notarized copy to complete the rest of the submission process.

Compleo - Welcome Kit

Welcome Kits

Generate welcome kits, certificates, or permits when applications are approved. Likewise, produce letters of regret for disapproved or non-compliant applications. Get your customers onboard quicker by automatically sending out the approval letter via courier or email.

Compleo - Document Compliance


Applicant submits a non-compliant document? No problem. Compleo will send a notification for the user to simply resubmit a corrected form.

Compleo - Data Analytics


Know and analyze your speed of doing business through intuitive data visualizations of your document processing numbers, based on fields that are in the forms. Find points of improvement or recommend actions based on data.


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